The Latest Scoop

WordPlay has moved to its new home at

The content will be removed from every page of this blog and replaced with a permalink to the same article on the new WordPlay. So if you have any WordPlay pages bookmarked, you won’t have to change them. If you’re a subscriber, however, you will need to resubscribe at the new location. Sorry about that!

Now that WordPlay has moved, I can bring to you the many image and editorial resources I’ve been holding back because moving WordPlay and my Tricky Movie Trivia blog was quite time-consuming. But soon I’ll be back in the proverbial editorial saddle and will post some fabulous new tips and tools!

I hope to see you at the new WordPlay. When you stop by, please feel free to leave a comment and say hi.

If you’d like to jump right to your favorite content, here are some popular WordPlay destinations:

Avatar Central I Everything you need to make an avatar for your blog.

Free Clip Art I This page contains hand-selected quality free clip art sites.

Free Photos I This free photography site has a vast array of totally free photos.

Image Chef I Image Chef lets you personalize photos and videos with our own message for free.

Picasa I Organize and modify your images in a snap with the free Picasa software.

2 Responses to The Latest Scoop

  1. Oooh! Good vocab and grammar myths links. I love those!

  2. carlajc says:

    Thanks, JD! Wait until you see all the new stuff we’re going to have at the new location. I’ve been moving the blog to and it’s almost ready for its big unveiling.

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